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Plunger Valve

Posted on: 26-Feb-2019

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Plunger valve is covered by the valve body, valve stem, plunger, guide, seal rings, hand wheels and other parts. When the hand wheel rotation, driven by the plunger on the stem in the guide sleeve, the lower reciprocating plunger end portion of the oblique cone cone complete with seat valve opening and closing function. Plunger valve seal between the piston and ring interference fit by adjusting the flange bolt preload, compression of the sealing ring lateral force and the body bore cylindrical surface of the plunger seal produced, thus ensuring the valve seal, to prevent internal leakage. Since the sealing ring resiliency strong, high abrasion resistance, non-toxic new sealing materials used, so the seal is reliable and durable. Thereby increasing the life of the plunger valve. Combination plunger valve plunger valve leak a little and shut-off valves open and close and fast become a novel structure, extensive use of new products.

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