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Axial Pressure Regulating Valve

Posted on: 26-Feb-2019

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Seller: Beijing Convista Flow Control Equipment Co., Ltd

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Country: China


Main Technical Specifications

Nominal Size:

GPR-A100 DN25~250(NPS1~10)

GPR-A200 DN25~300(NPS1~12)

Nominal Pressure:

GPR-A200 CLass150~900

GPR-A100 CLass150~600

Design Standard: EN 334

Design Temperature: -29℃~+60℃ -46℃~+60℃

Body Material: A105, A350 LF2; A216 WCB, A352 LCC

Applicable Industries:

Gas transmission station of long distance pipeline; City gas pressure regulating station; Industrial gas pressure control system etc.

Applicable Medium:

Natural gas, non-corrosive gas

Explosion-proof and Protection class: ExdIIBT4, IP65

Product Advantages:

• Axial structure, high flow capacity

• Large adjustable ratio, precise adjustments, durable

• GPR-A200 type rolling diaphragm design,more suitable for self-monitoring regulating system under fully open condition; GPR-A100 type with R angle design, for self-monitoring system under continuous adjusting condition

• Stainless steel and polished sleeve has better sliding performance and corrosion resistance

• Noise reducing devices can be equipped at both the export and the import

• Standard local valve position indicator

• Valve position sensor transmitter can be equipped

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