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Axial Flow Regulator

Posted on: 25-Feb-2019

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Country: China


Main Technical Specifications

Nominal Size: DN50~500(NPS2~20)

Nominal Pressure: CLass150~900

Design Standard: IEC 60534, JB/T 7387

DesignTemperature:-29℃~+150℃ -46℃~+150℃

Body Material: A105, A350 LF2; A352 LCC

Regulating Accuracy: ≤±1(%)

Regulator Hysteresis: ≤±1(%)

Leakage Class: FCI-70-2,IEC60534-4; VI

Applicable Industries:

Long-distance pipeline gas or oil station; Pressure regulating station; precision control of pressure and flow rate at the outlet device

Applicable Medium:

Natural gas, crude and refined oil, other non-corrosive gas and fluid

Explosion-proof and Protection class: ExdIIBT4, IP65

Technical Features:

High Reliability:

All castings are made through metal mould to ensure quality casting

More than 20 radiographic inspection upon monomer casting

High performance balanced sealing for all dynamic and static seal

High Performance

1. The sealing system, with unparalleled reliability, can realize 100% bi-directional tight shut-down(TSO) under full pressure and full differential pressure conditions. Primary sealing pair,under more than 200,000 times of pressure action test, can meet standard:FCI-70-2,IEC60534-4 and superior to the VI above; under more than 500,000 times of pressure action test, can meet standard: FCI-70-2, IEC60534-4 and superior to the IV above, even extended ues can achieve this.

2. Symmetrical axial flow channel to reduce turbulence and other hedge and largely increase flow capacity CV per unit flow area( can be increased by 30% compared with traditional globe valve). The largest adjustable ration is 100:1

3. High compact structure. For valve of 20" size above, its height is only half the height of its equivalent globe valve, and hence can meet special requirements about size and weight.

4. Pressure balanced structure for full range of products. Smaller torque can achieve quick action. Small input force requires small size actuators. In special cases, less stroking time is the best option for compressor's surge control.

Low Maintenance

Stable and reliable connection, independently sealed drive system to ensure low maintenance

Up to API 6D, greasing and pressure relief function, fire safe

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