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Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Posted on: 05-Mar-2018

Price/Unit: OMR 500/Piece

Seller: Zhengzhou Free Fluid Control Technology Co.,Ltd

Mobile: +861 3523029957

City: Zhengzhou

Country: China


FREE-Valve’s Triple Offset Butterfly Valve adopt triple offset principle to design, makes the movement track on facing space reach to idealization, and there are no attrition and no intervene between sealing pair , furthermore, the sealing material has been selected reasonably, thereby it ensure sealing performance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance capability of valve.


1. Reliable sealing, convenient operation, opening and closing fast.

2. It adopt triple offset elasticity or multiple layers hard sealing configuration, the hermetical capability can reach to reliable sealing performance.

3. The seal of disc can be replaced by loosening the disc ring bolts, saving the cost of the valve.

4. According to the requirements of medium conditions, overlaying or spray welding different sealing materials on the sealing surface of the valve seat.

5. It has characteristic of super long usage life, frictionless closure,high temperature etc.


Technical specifications

1) Size Range?NPS2~NPS60;DN50~DN1500

2) Pressure Range?Class 150~Class 300 ;PN10 ~PN40

3)Body material?Carbon steel, stainless steel & other materials

4) Sealing material?Stainless steel,hard alloy& other materials 

5) Connection method?Flange,wafer, weld .

6) Operating method?Worm gear,electric,pneumatic .

7) Pressure test:GB/T13927; API598

8) Face to Face: GB/T12221; API609.



FREE-Valve’s Triple Offset Butterfly Valve is applied to use in heating system, chemical, petroleum, natural gas, refining, energy ,power plant condensates waterworks, water treatment and the role of regulating valve.

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