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Composite Exhaust Valve

Posted on: 26-Feb-2019

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CARX composite exhaust valve for the highest point of the pipeline or have a place to breath, excluding gas pipe to clear the pipeline, to work, if not installed exhaust valve, the flow of liquid within the tube to produce dynamic thermal cause gas, a short-circuit , so that the water pipeline capacity below standard, and secondly, a power outage occurs when the pipeline operation, the pipeline will pump stops negative pressure, and can cause vibration or broken pipes, exhaust (suction) valve quickly to the air intake pipe to prevent pipe vibration or rupture. 
Composite exhaust valve action principle 
When you start filling the tube, plug head stuck in the open position, a lot exhaust, when the air drained, water float valve is lifted, the drive plugs to the closed position, stopping a lot of exhaust; inner tube water when normal when transported, if a small amount of air accumulates in the valve to a considerable extent, the water level dropped valve, float fall, when the air is discharged from the hole. When the pump stops, the water inside the tube is empty, or in the case of the tube when the negative pressure, then plug head is turned on, the intake air to ensure pipeline safety. 
Composite exhaust valve structure and purpose 
CARX composite exhaust valve for the drum-shaped body type, there are a total internal stainless steel float and plugs. 
CARX composite exhaust valve installed at the outlet of the pump Po or Entitlement water pipeline to exclude a large buildup of air ducts, pipes and pumps to improve efficiency, and once the negative pressure within the tube, this valve can rapid inhalation of air, to the custody of the line due to the negative pressure generated by damaged.

Main Parameter:

1 medium: water 
2 temperature: room temperature 
3 Body: gray iron HT200 
4 float and plugs: Stainless steel 
5 Sealing material: NBR 
6 valve test pressure: 1.5mpa 
7 float, seal test pressure: 0.05-1.1MPA watertight

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