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R25 33mm Top Hammer Drill Bit

Posted on: 31-Jul-2020

Price/Unit: OMR 28/Piece

Seller: Maxdrill Rock Tools Co.,Ltd.

Mobile: +86 85188639106

City: Guizhou

Country: China


The top hammer type rock drilling bit is mainly used for blasting hole excavation of open pit rock drilling, underground roadway, tunnel excavation, hydropower station and other infrastructure projects. The connection mode is mainly T-threaded connection and R-shaped thread connection. The top hammer type hydraulic rock drill rods equipped with drilling rigs and open-air drilling rigs are used to receive the energy transmitted by the rock drill to achieve the effect of breaking the rock. At present, the most used in engineering is the threaded ball bit and the threaded tip bit. Due to the special working environment of the threaded bit, we require that the threaded drill bit should have high wear resistance and impact resistance, and have sufficient toughness to cope with the complicated and harsh working environment. The company's rock drilling bit, the body of the pants is made of high-quality special steel, the alloy head is made of high-strength and toughness wear-resistant alloy, and the whole processing adopts special surface treatment, thus ensuring that our bit is more durable and has higher fatigue resistance. .

At present, we have introduced: full ballistic bit (the best choice for soft rock conditions, full ballistic teeth and large vertical slag grooves can efficiently remove large cuttings, which can greatly improve drilling efficiency); cylindrical bit (abrasive) The best choice for rock, medium to hard rock, larger, fuller alloy teeth and slag grooves for perfect service life and perforation efficiency, ball-toothed drill bits (hard and hard to drill) Abrasive rock mass provides optimum energy transfer, ensuring efficient removal of cuttings or slag water from the rock hole

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