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Liquid Biofertilizer Plant

Posted on: 28-Oct-2019

Price/Unit: OMR 18966/Nos

Seller: Uma Pharmatech Machinery

Mobile: +91 9726923885

City: Ahmedabad

Country: India


1000L SS Fermenter Bioreactor (Automatic Steam Sterilization)

Automatic Temperature Controlling System, Electric Steam Boiler Suitable For 1000L Fermenter(32kw)

Chillier Circulator  Suitable For 1000L Fermenter(2 Ton), Air Compressor Suitable For 1000L Fermenter(5 hp)

Pilot Scale Fermenter Bioreactor, Total Volune:1000 Litter, Working Volume:70% Of Total Volume

Contact Part: SS 316L, Non Contact Parts: SS 304, Sheet thickness: 4 mm, Contact Part: SS 316L

Outer Finish : Matt Finished, Inner Finish : 220 Grit Finish, Motor : 3 HP, Gearbox Ratio :1:10

Output RPM Speed : 144, Speed Controlling: Using VFD, SIP System : Yes( Inbuilt)

CIP System : Yes( Inbuilt), Temperature Sensor : PT-100 Type(Sterilizable), 

Temperature Controlling System : PID Control Digital Display, Design Temperature: 125ºC

Maximum Operating Temperature: 121ºC, Design Pressure: 4 KG/CM2

Maximum Operating Pressure: 2.5 KG/CM2, Safety Valve : SS Adjustable Pressure Safety Valve

Pressure Indicator : SS Dial Type Filled With JEL, 

Air Inlet Filter : 0.2 Micron PP Filter With 5” SS 316L Filter Housing

Air Outlet Filter : 0.2 Micron PP Filter With 5” SS 316L Filter Housing

Air Outlet : Through Shell Tube Type Condenser ( Heat Exchanger)

Spurger  System : Ring Type Air Spurger System At Bottom

Stuffing Box Sealing: For Zero Contamination and Reduce Air Leakage

Baffele : 4 Nos( Size Vessel Dia/10), Impeller : 3 Nos Of Adjustable Ruston Turbine( Six Blede)

Bottom End : Dish End With 50 Tc Drain Valve For Material Outlet

Top End : Flat, Sight Glass : For View Process and Level Of Liquid

Vessel Top Ports Details

Pressure Gauge Port: 35mm Tc Connection, Safety Valve Port: 35mm Tc Connection

Air Outlet  Port: 35mm Tc Connection, Light Glass Port: 92mm Tc Connection

Top Viewing Glass Port: 92mm Tc Connection, Material Inlet Port : 50mm Tc Connection

Inoculation Port : 50 mm Tc Connection, Water Inlet Port : 50 mm TC Connection

Extra Port : 50 mm Tc Connection

Vessel Side Ports Details

Temperature Sensor Port : 50  mm Tc Connection, Ph Sensor Port : 50 mm Tc Connection

Do ( Dissolve Oxygen)  Sensor Port : 50 mm Tc Connection, Sampling Port : 50 Tc mm Connection

Jacket Side Ports Details

Pressure Gauge and Safety Valve : 35mm Tc cross Connection

Jacket Water/steam Inlet : 35mm Tc T Connection

Jacket Water/steam Outet : 35mm Tc T Connection

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