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Digital Fire Alarm Panel

Posted on: 21-Oct-2019

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Seller: The First Gulf Eskan LLC.

Mobile: +968 97893044

City: Muscat

Country: Oman


Model: VG-6847
The panel is available for a wide range of Max, four loops as Class A or Max. eight loops as Class B, with loop capacity of 256 devices of mix-type.
' The First FD&A panel of the world using Acrylic material as front surface and buttons.
' lntegorated wlFl module inside enable to commission and monitor via mobile App.
' Built-in board inside for two sounder oputs and six programmable lnput or Outpul.
' 36 zone indications available with two LEDS for Fira/Fault/lsolate.
* Built'in RISC CPU basad on ARM platform, with low por,ver consumptlon, high speed, reliablo performance, otc. ' Modulized method is appli€d in design ot infrastructure, with separate CPU and protection to each board inside. ' Utilizing special technology, the panel is capable for different method of cabling, * including Class A, Class B, etc. When detects lire, the detector will report to the panel immediately, wilhin 0,1 second. For method of Round-talk, it
may take about 10s.
* There are several methods of self-protection, including loop short and power short, as well for surge break, lightning slrike and transient impulse.
' The panel has ports available for different protocols, including TCP/IP, CANBus and RS232.
' Opening to PSTN, WAN/LAN, ADSL, GPRS/CDMA. the panel is capable for remote control from far distance and better integralion with other building management system.
' The lermlnal ports are avallable for fleld programmlng on PC or laptop, as well as USB plug-ln and SD card for easy method of upgrading.
' The panel has programmed Engllsh as baslc language, wlth flexlblllty for mulfl-tanguage.
'Truo Peer to Peer Notwork upto 128 panels, able to view and operate lhe systom from any panel networke * The system setting and information could be recorded in any panel networked, so if there is any panel crashed, any other panel
could taks over oasily.
' Using CANBUS protocol, the communication is r€liable and extendable up to a distance of ,10 km. r The nelwork is capable for electrical cable, fiber cable and coaxial cable.
' The Panel is desigend to comply with EN54-2 and EN54-4,
'Powor Supplyr 187 -242V AC, 50HZ
*Loop Voltage:'I5-28VDC
*Max. Loop Current: 200mA
'Short Circuit Protection: 400mA
*Loop Capacity: 256-2048 devices
*Programmable Output DC24V l1A
'Auxillary Power Output: 2AI24VDC
'Temperature: -10t - 50t
*Humidity: <95%RH(40r2'C)
*lnstallation: Wall-mount
rDimensions: 460*120*620mm

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