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5APE/2MPE Both temperature, current and thermal protector

Posted on: 24-Jun-2019

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5APE/2MPE Both current and temperature protector

Product Features

1.Small size, long life and high reliability

2.high level bimetal ensures that it can withstand the current of normal circult

3.the combination of bimetal and the heater can action snappily

4,accurate trip off time can prevent motor from overheating

5.Both temperature and current sensitive

6.All spare parts is strictly implemented the European ROHS enviromental standards

7.Terminals are optional and customized

8.Wires are optional and customized.

9.Sealed sleeving can make the protector varnishing proof.

Electric Specifications

20A/12VDC, 10A/24VDC, 10A/250VAC, 18A/125VAC

Technical parameters

Operation temperature range:50℃~170℃

Temperature Tolerance:±5℃,±7℃

Workable tripping off current range:1~30A

R/T current testing standard:4~10 seconds


Window motor, Skylight motor, Aerial motor, Wiper motor, Sliding door motor, Regulator motor, Various washing machines, Vacuum cleanners, Gardening equipmemt.

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